Components of a MetaModel


The manual is still under construction!
Starting 4. December 2015 the MetaModels designations and icons will be adjusted - see also manual_new_labels

The following chapter will show you the structure of MetaModels to understand the “logic” behind the extension.

First of all we should understand two terms: with MetaModel (singular) we are hereafter talking about a data table with its attributes, input/output possibilities, filters etc. The term “MetaModels” (plural) will be exclusively used to describe the extension package for Contao.

After you have created a MetaModel, there are the following components available for you for editing:

In case that you are creating a (simple) MetaModel you can work through the the components one after another in the order as shown above. But with growing complexity of a MetaModel - e.g if multiple MetaModel interact with each other - it can not be avoided to further modify and enhance particular data inputs in a MetaModel, which has been already created.

The MetaModels extension makes two new content elements, respectively modules available for the front-end. The content element “MetaModel list” enables you to display data records individually or as a list on your website. The content element / module “MetaModel frontend filter” provides you with a front-end filter. Find out more on Content elements/modules for output in the frontend.