View condition: Display, if the checkbox is not activated

If you want to create a view condition, which enables you to dispay a field, if a checkbox is not checked, this will be not possible with a trigger on the “inactive” value of the checkbox.

This is due to the fact that MetaModels treats the value “unchecked” differently from the Contao core - the Contao core will store nothing ‘’ for “unchecked” instead of a null(0). This can not be processed by MetaModels or the DCG at the moment.

This problem can be fixed with a workaround: The visibility is triggered by “checked”, but the test is inverted with NOT. To achieve that, a condition NOT has to be created in the view conditions and inside this condition the test whether the checkbox is “active” (see screenshot).


The following two screenshots show the hiding of an email input mask with the checkbox set.

Email shown


Email hidden